I’m not exactly afraid of heights, but when you peek over a ravine, for most people doing a handstand isn’t on the top of their list. It’s wasn’t exactly on mine either. Balancing on your hands is one thing, but adding the risk of tumbling to your death, some would definitely consider that going too […]

Talk about an “all-in-one” fitness stretch for any sport. Half bound lotus is a hamstring, hip, and shoulder opener all wrapped into one juicy package. After a thorough warm up to open the hamstrings, hips, and shoulders, here are the steps I use to get into this pose. 1) Start from a seated forward fold. […]

Hiking used to scare me. It wasn’t because of the potential of getting lost and surviving off of berries and twigs for days. It also wasn’t the possibility of getting eaten by a bear or a hungry coyote. My anxiety had more to do with the “leave no trace” policy of the woods and having […]

Developing balance along with the ability to maintain or increase hip mobility are two things that any athlete wouldn’t mind having in their repertoire. This pose does both! Below are the steps to get into this pose for you to easily incorporate it into your fitness routine. 1) Start in a standing position with legs […]

When I throw a balancing posture into the mix when I teach yoga, it’s not uncommon for me to see frustration or see someone that is a little irritated (okay, they’re pissed). This usually happens because the student really really REALLY wants the pose. I’ve also seen disappointment inn students that don’t hit their desired […]

I’m not one of those trainers or coaches that takes pride in scaring my clients or students. I don’t try to see if someone can throw up or make them pass out (which isn’t hard to do, trust me). But with all that said, I have seen fear in people’s eyes when I ask them […]

I have a yoga girl crush. Her name is Kathryn Budig, and she is amazing. Strong, beautiful, an amazing teacher, crazy talented with a great personality to boot. Get in line boys, because I’m first. When I found out that she was coming into town to do a workshop, I threw down the cash and […]

People get hurt, even doing their favorite activity. That includes yoga too, yes, I said it. There is one glaringly obvious sign that shows up when you’re a little too vigorous with your chosen physical activity. PAIN Duh. If there is pain, don’t do it. There are many ways that people can interpret what they […]

I was training my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with a fellow practitioner. I was in the unfavorable position of being underneath side control. I became frustrated, and wanted to get out (because my freaking guts were being smashed). I tried to escape with a little too much vigor and…..BAM! I kneed myself right in the friggin […]

Since I’m a yoga teacher, strength coach, and a fitness professional, I’m bombarded with fitness questions regularly. “How do I do a handstand today, even though I’ve never attempted to do anything remotely athletic?” “What exercises will take all the fat out of my butt and put it into my boobs?” “Why can’t I eat […]