At a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament, you’re bound to see a few tears (from kids and adults alike). What is always interesting to watch is the medal ceremony. There is a wide variety or reactions, some are stoic, some have grins bigger than the moon, and others….well….they cry (you should see the kids react). Which […]

I post regularly on Instagram, and most recently I posted a picture in a deep split with a serene and placid expression on my face. My dirty little secret? In the pose, I am quietly going through every curse word that I’ve ever heard. And I know a LOT of curse words. I’ve experienced this […]

I had started yoga with one mission; to help my clients, students, and myself have a better range of motion while strength training. I had absolutely no desire for the “fluff” or “ooga booga” that I had associated with yoga practice. The weird chanting, the sweaty people, the humid hot room, I was definitely NOT […]

Two weeks into my cleanse, and if I’m learning more and more as time progresses. Making changes to your lifestyle, especially drastic ones can not only make you notice things about yourself or your body, but make other people notice things about you, even the mood swings. As a dear friend delicately and kindly told […]

One week into my cleanse journey and I’ve come to realize the subtle difference between a craving and a desire. What is desire? Desire is a feeling or a motivation that keeps you moving towards a goal. Desire can be something like wanting to lose weight, or maybe it’s working on a specific yoga pose, […]

I’ve had a long love affair with meat. One of my favorite meals as a kid was a fried chicken drumstick, and my mother to this day admits it was a sure fire way to make me shut up at dinner time. In fact, I partly blame my mother for my relationship with meat. She […]

It’s not fun to fall. It’s a can be a scary experience where your whole world can feel upside down, and landing is something you have no control of. There’s always a moment where things feel good. And I mean GOOD. You’re in control, things are going your way, and you think, “Man, this is […]

After few weeks of holiday bliss, I may be mistaken, but somewhere in bathrooms around the globe, there was a chorus of women’s voices saying, “Oh my God, if went up a *fill-in-the-blank* size, I’m getting fat!”. Sound familiar? Or how about this one, “I’m at *fill-in-the-blank* weight?! Oh my GAWD! This is the heaviest […]

In my family, it is no secret that I am a plant killer. Even with the best of intentions of cultivating beauty or life, I can expertly kill a plant by way of starvation or letting a house roaming dog consume or urinate on the flora. But mostly it’s my inability to take the time […]