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Lets face it, being faced with a challenge can suck. The other day I had the challenge of trying in one trip to unload 7 full bags of groceries up two flights of stairs during a freak hail storm…in flip flops. I knew that the challenge would suck, and I could have easily waited and […]

I’d definitely say that I’m an intermediate to advanced person when it comes to the fitness fail. I sucked at half marathons, (which I probably could have run backwards and had the same pitiful pace average) cheated on a diet, (that Nutella was spoiling) and most definitely had some yoga fails (splat). But what I’ve […]

I have a confession, I used to think yoga was for pansies. I have always considered myself an athlete: softball in high school, cheerleading in college, running, powerlifting, and even competing nationally in physique. My first experiences in yoga were badly disguised in the form of DVDs and group exercise in non-yoga focused facilities. They […]