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When I throw a balancing posture into the mix when I teach yoga, it’s not uncommon for me to see frustration or see someone that is a little irritated (okay, they’re pissed). This usually happens because the student really really REALLY wants the pose. I’ve also seen disappointment inn students that don’t hit their desired […]

Two weeks into my cleanse, and if I’m learning more and more as time progresses. Making changes to your lifestyle, especially drastic ones can not only make you notice things about yourself or your body, but make other people notice things about you, even the mood swings. As a dear friend delicately and kindly told […]

One week into my cleanse journey and I’ve come to realize the subtle difference between a craving and a desire. What is desire? Desire is a feeling or a motivation that keeps you moving towards a goal. Desire can be something like wanting to lose weight, or maybe it’s working on a specific yoga pose, […]

I’ve had a long love affair with meat. One of my favorite meals as a kid was a fried chicken drumstick, and my mother to this day admits it was a sure fire way to make me shut up at dinner time. In fact, I partly blame my mother for my relationship with meat. She […]