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After few weeks of holiday bliss, I may be mistaken, but somewhere in bathrooms around the globe, there was a chorus of women’s voices saying, “Oh my God, if went up a *fill-in-the-blank* size, I’m getting fat!”. Sound familiar? Or how about this one, “I’m at *fill-in-the-blank* weight?! Oh my GAWD! This is the heaviest […]

  It’s really interesting how it takes a little butt whooping to put perspective on things. While I was getting ready for my first Jiu Jitsu competition, I had a sparring session with a fellow guy team mate. In the most efficient and gentlemanly way, he proceeded to kick my ass. After the session, I […]

My sister and I used to ride horses (she was way better at it, probably because she’s not violently allergic). I remember going to her horse shows and being in awe of the beautiful show horses that were preened and polished to their absolute best while they strutted their stuff around the show grounds. I […]

Have you ever seen someone in yoga class move effortlessly into an arm balance? Invert into handstand with ease? It is without questions that postures like arm balances and inversions require exceptional technique, but another important factor can also be your strength. There are many benefits to doing strength training including increased bone density, reduced […]

I have a confession, I used to think yoga was for pansies. I have always considered myself an athlete: softball in high school, cheerleading in college, running, powerlifting, and even competing nationally in physique. My first experiences in yoga were badly disguised in the form of DVDs and group exercise in non-yoga focused facilities. They […]